First Friday Food Truck Festival

"A little of this, a little of that – With so many food trucks available, it can be hard to decide what to eat. Why not get small portions from multiple trucks? Some offer sample bites for $2 and $3, enough to wet your tastebuds and make you want to order something else. Last Friday I bought the Naptown Spud from Circle City Spuds (BBQ pulled pork and mac and cheese…on top of a potato!) while my boyfriend got a banh mi sandwich from Pho Mi. We shared both items, although I must say I couldn’t stop digging my fork into that baked potato."

Yelp Review

"This ain't Great Grandpa Flatley's potato, this is one deliciously far out spud! Imagine gourmet baked potatoes that are piled high with some of the best comfort food around, served for your optimized mobility. I sampled the Brickyard BBQ Spud: a humungore baked potato dressed with slow-cooked bbq pulled pork, cheesy carrots/broccoli, hearty bacon, and a [healthy] dollop of sour cream. Holy Mackerel, what a 'tato! They also have a couple more variations (some crazy mac&cheese version of the Brickyard) and a few vegan options too. Give them a try, this truck won't disappoint."

Circle City Spuds is a hot potato

Back story: Owner Heather Banter used to work in the home remodeling industry, she always had a passion for food -- and entrepreneurship -- so she opened up her baked potato truck the week of the Super Bowl. What we ate: The Naptown mac and BBQ spud with sour cream and spicy ranch. The huge potato, cooked to perfection, was packed with pork and topped with homemade macaroni and cheese. Of all the food trucks we've been to so far, you get the most bang for your buck here. Wheel rating (1 to 4, with four being the highest): 3.5 wheels”